The care of the baby is most important, but the mother needs to be cared for too

You need YOUtime if
In-home support for new mothers
you are a new mother and new to Christchurch, or have no close family, friends or neighbours to call on for help
New mother and baby
you have had a difficult birth or a Caesarian section, limiting what you can do around the house
Newborn baby
there are several other reasons why some new mothers might need
extra support…

or you just want some time to yourself!

I believe that some new mothers can need extra support during the first few months –
  • They can feel socially isolated, without any close support from family or friends
  • They may feel overwhelmed by well-meaning advice, by the wealth of information available about parenting, by the extreme tiredness which comes with interrupted or lack of sleep
  • They may be having difficulty adjusting to their new role, perhaps going from a structured working environment to spending days wondering where the time has gone with them focussing solely on the baby and meeting its needs

About Dianne @ YOUtime

New mothers deserve time to themselves, especially during those first few months. In their new role, they can feel that there simply isn’t the time for self-care, as their days are completely taken up with caring for their baby.

Someone who can provide early postnatal practical support, an extra pair of hands, can be very helpful, giving new mothers an opportunity to rest and recharge. There is a lot of information available that states early social support, in whatever form, is very important for maternal health and well-being.

Dianne can be that someone – helping with the practical tasks and ensuring new Mums take a well-deserved break.

I was a few days home after having a c section with my third child when I discovered Dianne from YOUtime.

Unable to drive, lift or do housework, Dianne was the extra pair of hands I needed to make life manageable. She instantly connected with my children and was willing to do anything that I needed to be done.

Dianne is friendly, warm, excellent with children and a hard worker. She vacuumed, changed the sheets and made beds, played with my children, cleaned walls and did my washing. Nothing was a bother. 

I highly recommend Dianne to any new mothers.

Rhiannon Sheppard

Make yourself a priority once in a while
It’s not selfish
It’s necessary

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Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing

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